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Perfect Waterproof Composite Manhole Cover 993mm D400

FRP Resin Composite Tench Covers Bangladesh

100% waterproof High strength load rating Good seal Dimension: 993mm

Cover size Frame size Clear opening 20feet container
993mm 1089 900mm 200sets
composite manhole cover
1. Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern trend.
2. Strong anti-rust, maintenance-free and replacement.
4. Anti-theft design: cover and frame with hinge connection, anti-theft, easy to open.
5. Save money: large span, heavy load, lower than cast iron price and save the cost of stolen or crushed replacement.
6. Strong toughness: strength and toughness are much higher than cast iron, can be used in docks, airports, and other large spans and heavy load environments.
7. A variety of specifications: to meet the needs of different environments, loads, spans, sizes and shapes.
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. Specializing in composite manhole cover, trench cover, drain grated and cable cover. More than 12 years experience and easy to get professional technical.
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