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1200x1200mm Composite Materials Tree Grating

FRP Resin Composite Tench Covers Bangladesh

Dimension: 1200x1200mm Composite Materials

Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. Specializing in composite manhole cover, trench cover, drain grated and cable cover. More than 12 years experience and easy to get professional technical.
Tree grating the root of a tree and the surrounding soil but instead of fencing off that area, they provide a surface that people can walk on while allowing rainwater to run down to the soil beneath. Our tree gratings can suit all trees in different locations and can be cropped according to the size of the tree. They can also be used to creative a decorative effect around the tree.
The FRP tree has many attributes. This is a new type of material. It is a reinforcing material made of fiberglass. FRP tree seedlings are made by special processing procedures and have plenty of space. It performed very well. It is more durable than the plates we use today and can be used in floors, platforms, stairs, etc. with corrosive environments. The most common colors of FRP tree: gray, yellow, black, blue, green, red and other colors, make the scene and the body truly integrated.
Composite tree garting
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