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300x300mm Square Sewer Cover

300x300mm Square Sewer Cover

Manhole Cover

Features of resin manhole cover 
1. Low noise manhole cover and the frame fit well, it solve the problem of the vehicle by the noise.
2. Fall prevention: this manhole cover design for steel frame,bearing capacity is strong.
3. Prevent slippery: covering non-slip texture clear, increase the friction, prevent because of the rain, snow, ice covered pedestrian slip.
4. Material: high quality by SMC new material and improve the density of the product, make the product has strong compressive. Bending, impact resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant, Corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, aging, not easy to deformation, etc.
5. Well sealed----it can be used hermetically, and effectively prevent those poisonous gases leaking out from cesspool.
6. No any jangle----There is neither jangle nor rebound when cars pass through.
7. This cover keeps their excellent properties at high continuously temperatures 150℃.
manhole cover

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