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Circle 700mm D400 Anti Settlement Iron Manhole Cover

FRP Resin Composite Tench Covers Bangladesh
iron manhole cover
Advantages of anti settling nodular cast iron manhole cover
Nowadays, the cast iron covers are popular because they have the advantages of anti settlement
Under the external pressure, the manhole cover will settle with the settlement of the road surface, so that it is flush with the road surface; the hinge is used at the connection between the cover plate and the bottom frame, which can effectively prevent theft;
To reduce the pressure of inspection manhole, the frame does not bear pressure directly on the brick inspection /newslist-1/index.htmlcover, and the pressure from traffic load of 0.85 is transmitted to the pavement through asphalt layer, so the foundation structure layer of pavement will not be damaged;
The embedded rubber strip has the function of anti noise. The self-locking spring arm system is designed with three-way and three-way clasp spring, which can prevent side displacement and vehicle jumping. Compared with other anti settlement measures, the construction and maintenance cost is lower
The asphalt concrete under the frame is covered by the wide side of the frame to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the subgrade, protecting the joint surface of the frame and asphalt, and not causing the joint surface gap to become larger;
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